Visiting Waltham Forest

Visiting Waltham Forest


The London Borough of Waltham Forest is a London borough situated in East London, England. The borough is divided by the North Circular Road. The south of borough describes the interior city features through its ethnic and socio-economic indicators and beautifully built urban infrastructure. On the other hand the northern borough is defined with richer residential infrastructure with spacious ways, parks and playing area for kids. Waltham forest is one of the largest boroughs in London covering almost 39 km. Waltham Forest stands at fifth position in context of Muslim population in England and is third in London.

Arts, Culture and Leisure

Waltham Forest has always sustained to support numerous modern-day artists and art groups. It is also termed as the home to many successful musicians in UK. There is a single theatre developed in 2008 in borough, The Waltham Forest Theatre which was situated at Lloyds Park and was devastated in 2011. Waltham Forest Town hall is a unique example of peeled traditional 20th century having beautiful architecture designs which marks its significant presence in the borough. The assembly room besides have presented various concerts by noteworthy artists. The Famous William Morris Gallery which was the childhood home of William Morris is also a part of borough. Waltham forest is the birthplace of William Morris. The gallery contains various works of art for example wallpapers, furniture, genuine Morris designed tiles and many more artefacts. The best part of this gallery is that there is no entrance fee. Hence you can enjoy the precious work without shelling out any penny from your pocket.

Walthamstow Stadium has an incredible art decoration in façade and similar scoreboard inside the stadium. Waltham Forest is among the four boroughs that hosted 2012 Olympics in east London. Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is a timber made building, owned now by the Corporation of London where you can visit to view how their Royal kitchen was, have a look on the royal meal and have can view of their hunting parties that were held many years ago. It was also once awarded as the Museum of the Month few days back.

Market and Food

Walthamstow Market declares to be the Europe’s longest street market and overall covers 100 meters of Walthamstow High Street. The visitors can market fruits and veggies, get a designer dress, numerous rich fabrics and endless list of items to go shopping. The market is operational on all days except Monday. The borough also offers delicious food that can be enjoyed by the visitors during their travel. The best Italian Restaurant is Trattoria La Ruga which is situated in the centre of Walthamstow Village. It serves mouth watering dishes accompanied by rich flavours which add to its beauty.


The Waltham Forest can be explored through the various transport services which are available. The borough is connected through the central and Victoria lines of the London Underground. The greyhound buses, Light rail, trams, mini buses or cabs can be used according to the requirement and explore the borough.


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